Oliver Zangl (* Mai/17/1968) grew up in Regensburg/Bavaria (Southern Germany) and started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 10. Six years later he bought his first E-Guitar, a Les Paul Aria Pro 2 and an Amp called Roland Bolt 60.
He was fascinated by Classic Hard Rock, listening to bands like Status Quo, Queen, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, AC-DC, Kiss and learning many by ear & off the records. Eddie Van Halen was his first guitar hero and Oli soaked up all these Heavy Rock Licks.

He found his first Band "Forgotten Sons" in 1985 and played many of club gigs and festivals and meanwhile was known to be a very versatile player.

Edward van Halen, Richie Blackmore, Brian May, Angus Young, Al Di Meola, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Morse, Gary Moore, Steve Lukather, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and last but not least Mark Knopfler have been Oli’s major influences back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. He worked on his playing technique, kept on improving his musical skills and eventually began developing his own style. 

Despite great passion for the guitar, Oli pursued a semi-professional career. He gave guitar lessons privately and took guitar lessons from Dave Schreiber (Mass) and Willi Duncan (Spider Murphy Gang). Oli  got many valuable inspirations from his guitar master "Dave Schreiber". Dave was a great technician and a clean old rocker with an enormous groove and tonal feel. This was just the right lesson. Dave not only taught him technique, but also supported the young guitarist in his compositions, took the first demo and worked on the arrangement. He also has won a lot of insults from the local guitarist Alex Espinosa but mostly of all he learned by himself.
Since 1989, Oli Zangl has been working at the health insurance company at Krones AG. 

Oliver has released 5 instrumental solo albums and 3 albums with vocals (2 with guest singers). He has played on some other artist’s CDs, works as a project musician & session player, and produced music for advertising, and business.

His greatest passion is not only playing the guitar even more he loves the song writing. In all of his bands he was mainly responsible for the complete song material. Since he switched to digital recording in 2008, he recorded between 150 and 200 songs.
He likes to make music with a lot of melody and groove. He goes through many styles from rock, blues, funk, soul, to classical music and even likes to work with singer and songwriter in german language.

This page gives you a lot of information and material about the musical work of Oliver Zangl
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Forgotten Sons: 1985 - 1988
Diamond T: 1988 - 1991
Jive: 1991 - 2000
Quzz: 1994 - 1996
Freudenpark: 1998 - 2002
Headroom: 2003 - 2005
MichaeljacktsNet: since 2005
Detterbeck: 2017
MissDFox: since 2023

Every road leads to yourself (instrumental) 1993
The flow (instrumental) 2006
Heavy tunes (instrumental) 2008/2009
Silent tunes (instrumental) 2009
Alter ego 2010
On the road to happiness (instrumental) 2011
Elements (instrumental) 2013
Str8 2018
Valley of dreams 2021
Changing seasons 2022
Rück´n zur wand 2023

Music (oli zangl & friends) 2008
New horizons (Philophobia) 2016
Faster (MissDFox) 2018
Lost in space (ANO) 2021